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A Mantis to Pray for ! A Mantis to Pray for !Image Gallery

Posted 8th January 2010. 34 High Resolution Images.

Hey, are we glad to be back !! Have you missed us ??
So sorry to leave you for so long everyone, we have had terrible weather problems that knocked us right out for a few days - but now we're back - and beginning to catch up for you right away ! And who better to start the ball rolling again than our delectable, divine Mermaid Fi, who we know is such a firm favorite with so many of you ! This time she is wearing a fantastic black neoprene swimsuit, courtesy once again of our dear friend Andy, along with that unusual but super sexy Mantis Full Face mask, which so many have asked to see again. I'll be back real soon but meanwhile, thanks sooooo much for y'all understanding and please enjoy !

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