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'The Creature'  Returns  ! 'The Creature' Returns !Image Gallery

Posted 20th December 2009. 56 High Resolution Images.

Well, it's Christmas week again which always seems such a wonderful time to settle down in front of the box and enjoy one of those fantastic old movies that so often get aired once more at this time of year. And for many members here, what better Movie could ever be screened than 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' ? So, once more we pay tribute to an absolute Aquatic Classic as we bring you a MONSTER gallery of FIFTY SIX amazing pictures in a style that some may even say are 'Pure Aquawomen' ! Ever seen how a cat cruelly plays with it's prey for ages ? Sit back and enjoy now, bubbles and drama galore as our Heroine, aptly played again by our drop dead gorgeous Mermaid Fi, struggles to survive the underwater attentions of "The Creature', played so deliciously cruelly by our enchanting Mermaid Elise ! Just for fun, we thought you might like to see a few 'behind the scenes' shots, right at the end ?

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