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Red Rubber Drysuit Dressing ! -  Pt. 1 ! Red Rubber Drysuit Dressing ! - Pt. 1 !Image Gallery

Posted 2nd December 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

Continuing with her sampling and training in all aspects of becoming a fully 'scaled' Aquawoman, our latest stunning Mermaid Sophia enters her 'Frogwoman' familiarization and tries out a Red Rubber Avon Drysuit that seems to compliment her beautiful auburn hair and delicate skin coloring perfectly. Here's something new and special for you heavy rubber diving fans and what another amazing Frogwoman Sophia is certainly going to be ? Originally, we intended just one Gallery, but that would have denied you so many alternative images so, for your pleasure, we offer you FORTY superb pictures here in Pt 1 - and just check out Image 41 for a flavor of the other FORTY to come in Pt. 2 !

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