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Desco or Drager ??  ! Desco or Drager ?? !Image Gallery

Posted 17th October 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

Oooooh My ! What a delicious combination of vintage aquatic goodies we have assembled for you today and worn, of course, by two totally non-vintage exquisite young Aquawomen ! Shot especially with a dear friend in Homasassa in mind, we bring you not just one but two vintage full face masks in full use under the water in ways their manufacturers could never have dreamed of !! First, is an original Jack Browne Desco free flow mask, on surface demand and worn by the sensational Mermaid Fi, who also sports a super sexy ladies vintage Collins and Chambers smooth neoprene, beavertail jacket. But that's not all ! Also, we have the simply stunning Mermaid Elle, wearing a vintage Drager FFM complete with an inverted scuba twin set and.......very little else !
Forty super, unique images of the kind only Aquawomen can bring you, watch out for some interesting reflections too.
Waddayathink 'D' ?

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