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Monofin Mermaid ! Monofin Mermaid !Image Gallery

Posted 13th October 2009. 50 High Resolution Images.

Well, let's see if we can appeal to some of you in particular, this evening ? I'm thinking perhaps of those who love Monofins ? ( Hi Edwin ). Those who love neoprene swimsuits, especially that fantastic Cressi 'Fire' suit ? Those who love swim caps, in this case a modern Cressi pink one ? Those who might like modern goggles ? And finally, those who just love beautiful girls with amazing ability underwater ??? Usually we shortlist our shoot images down to around fifty or so and then select about thirty or so from there. Tonight however, we decided to bring you the whole FIFTY on this shortlist, so that you can choose which ones you prefer yourselves.! Yes, there are shots that are similar but that's what gives you the choice . As for Mermaid Elise, well she is so good that we have almost run out of words to describe her - perhaps one or two of you can help ?
AND, there's a Part 2 to follow soon - without the swim cap !

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