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Twin Hose Perfection ! -  Pt. 2 Twin Hose Perfection ! - Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 3rd October 2009. 38 High Resolution Images.

This one proved so popular with so many of you that we're pleased to bring you Pt 2, as promised, tonight. There's not much more I can add to the description I wrote for y'all on Pt. 1 other than to say you're gonna see a couple of Mermaid Elise's outstanding features a lot clearer in this set than in the earlier one ! And, there's lots of close ups of her in that sexy wide oval vintage face mask, both with it clear and with it partially full of water ! If you enjoyed seeing the combination of that modern Body Glove wet suit and that wonderful old La Spirotechnique Mistral twin hose regulator expertly modeled for you by this Scubaliscious stunning Aquawoman previously - then believe's just about to get even better !

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