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Girl in a Snorkel Mask ! Girl in a Snorkel Mask !Image Gallery

Posted 29th September 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

Tonight, we're back underwater, where we feel we're best ! And, just as the title says - we bring you an extremely beautiful young Aquawoman wearing a vintage snorkel mask, complete with ping pong ball! - And very little else, apart from a small bikini bottom ! Can we ever give you too much of Mermaid Elise ? Please let us know ? Rarely is such a girl so completely 'at home' under the water, as can be seen by this fantastic collection of FORTY superb unique new images, just for you ! There is no story, no specific order for the pictures, we just asked her to swim and dive and enjoy herself whilst we followed her with the camera......and that is just what she did !

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