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Dunk Me ! Dunk Me !Image Gallery

Posted 25th September 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

OK, so this one's for the non scuba guys, especially the Bathing Cap guys and even more especially those who love Dunking ! Yep, finally this one is especially for you Bill - and I hope for the enjoyment of many others also ? Yes, we have done 'bathing cap dunking' before but, the request has often been "can we see it from above" so, even though we see ourselves primarily as underwater specialists, it's now 'two in a row' above the water, as we offer you two of our Aqualiscious Mermaids Fifi and Sammie, suitably adorned in vintage US Royal and US Howland rubber bathing caps as they ruthlessly dunk each other under the water for your pleasure. And to make the most of the occasion, we are bringing you 40 - yes FORTY images, in this one Gallery.

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