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Swim Team - Bad Loser ! Swim Team - Bad Loser !Image Gallery

Posted 15th September 2009. 31 High Resolution Images.

Hands up how many of you love to watch Ladies Swim Meets ? Seeing those super fit, athletic young women squeezed into today's generation of skin tight racing suits, silicon caps and racing goggles ? Well tonight, we have something just for you. And, at the end of the race, instead of the friendly hand shake and smiles from the girl who came second, we thought it would be fun to show you what might happen if she was a 'Bad Loser' choosing to fight it out under the water to see who was really 'The Winner'! Mermaids FiFi and Sammie look suitably stunning playing the gorgeous young competitive swimmers, bringing you lots and lots of bubbles in some intense underwater action !

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