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One Piece Buddys ! One Piece Buddys !Image Gallery

Posted 8th September 2009. 36 High Resolution Images.

'Buddy Breathing' always seems to be a popular theme here at Aquawomen and so we thought we would bring it back to you this evening with a slightly different twist. First, we took our two beautiful, sexy young Mermaids Fi and Elle, let them each choose a wonderful, slinky, vintage one piece bathing suit by Jantzen and then gave each of them just a pair of swim goggles and a weight belt .............. and sent them down to the bottom of the Aquawomen pool. Next, we passed down just one modern US Divers 2nd stage regulator, connected to a very long hose and just let them play together, in their own wonderful underwater world. The results ? Aqualiscious !!

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