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SBS - Attack Swimmer !  Underwater ! SBS - Attack Swimmer ! Underwater !Image Gallery

Posted 5th September 2009. 30 High Resolution Images.

OK, this is one all of our Frogwoman and Heavy Diving fans have been waiting for - and it certainly takes a special kind of girl to wear this sort of equipment underwater. But then, of course, Mermaid Elise is a VERY special kind of a girl ! Not only is she 'drop dead gorgeous', but she's a fantastic swimmer, an amazing diver, in fact - The Perfect Aquawoman ! See how her Avon rubber dry suit hugs every wonderful curve under pressure, whilst there's no breathing bubbles to be seen from her vintage SCBA military rebreather, as she silently and steathily gildes under the water. Where else could you see underwater pictures like these ? Oh, and just a thought for y'all to ponder on, when you see her in her next real military rubber dry suit, you may even wonder if she's a double agent ???

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