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Twin Hose Perfection ! - Pt 1 Twin Hose Perfection ! - Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 28th August 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

Hi all, especially you twin hose scuba fans - and especially you too Andy !
She swims like a fish, dives like a dolphin, she's blonde, stunningly beautiful and 100% Aquawoman ........ she is, of course, Mermaid Elise ! Once more, we have so many worthwhile images that we think y'all would like to see so, even though tonight's update has a bumper Forty for y'all to enjoy, we're pleased to tell you there will be a Part 2 following up sometime soon, with even more ! Tonight's Pt 1, sees this 'Aquaphile's living dream' wearing a super Body Glove wetsuit Long John, a vintage panoramic oval mask and a fantastic old 1960's La Spirotechnique Mistral twin hose regulator. Both of the latter two items being removed and replaced underwater for your pleasure. Pt 2 will feature shots of a little more raunchier nature and with a half flooded mask also !!!!

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