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Siren Dreams ! Siren Dreams !Image Gallery

Posted 26th August 2009. 54 High Resolution Images.

Well, here's something a little different for you ? Let's imagine a scenario where a beautiful girl swims and swims in and under the water, as often as possible, living out her dreams of always wanting to be a Mermaid. One day, who knows why, she simply loses the urge to want to surface, choosing instead to remain in the wonderful, weightless, trouble free world, under the sea. Sadly though, her human frailty soon becomes all too real as we see bubbles drift from her lips, whilst she slowly feels herself start to drown ! Now, of course, this is only a fantasy and in a fantasy we can do whatever we want so, now imagine an equally beautiful Mermaid who has been watching our swimmer from a distance and swiftly swims to her side, catching her as she slowly sinks deeper and deeper. Taking the swimmer's delicate, alluring, bathing capped head in her hands, she breathes enchanted air into her body, with an underwater kiss. - And then the fun begins ! A little corny - yes, perhaps ? But, wait a minute, next you'll be telling me you don't believe in Mermaids ???
The stars are, of course, our bewitching, drop-dead gorgeous Mermaids Fi and Elle bringing you 54 Wonderful pictures for all Mermaid, One Piece Swimsuit, Loose Hair, Breathless and Bathing Cap fans - all in one superb Aquawomen Gallery !

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