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SBS - Attack Swimmer !  Part 2 ! SBS - Attack Swimmer ! Part 2 !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd August 2009. 30 High Resolution Images.

Here we are back again, as promised, with a special Bonus gallery for our Military Frogwoman and Mermaid Elise fans ! I feel that I have to say that a few of the images here are perhaps a little 'flat' and would not normally pass our high quality control standards, but I know y'all will understand that these are offered purely as a bonus to you, for your possible added enjoyment, rather than them never see the light of day. Now, this set may still leave you asking ....... "did this beautiful ultra sexy Frogwoman actually wear this equipment underwater ?" And, if so "did we capture images of the occasion for you ?" The answer ........ We're aren't we ? So, YES - of course we did !
Non heavy-rubber Frogwoman fans please don't worry, as this will not affect or replace the next scheduled update on Tuesday or Wednesday in the coming week.

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