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SBS  -  Attack Swimmer !  Part 1 ! SBS - Attack Swimmer ! Part 1 !Image Gallery

Posted 21st August 2009. 32 High Resolution Images.

Tonight we have something really special for those of you who love Frogwomen ! We mean REAL Frogwomen ! In this Gallery you can see her dressing fully, from head to toe, in vintage Military Frogwoman rubber, complete with a very rare, original Rebreather ! Some of you were surprised to see us bring you an Aquabelle helmet actually being used, well here is a special treat for those of you who have 'heavy rubber Military Frogwoman Fantasies' and we would challenge you to find such images anywhere else ? This is where I am going to sound clever but, as I 'm sure you know, in this case I am professionally advised by one of our own team ! The Frogwoman is, of course, your very special aqua-fantasy girl, namely our truly stunning, expert diver - Mermaid Elise ! The period is during the 1960's to 1970's. The' oh so lucky' black rubber suit and hood are by Avon, in truth it would have been a neck entry version in those days - but we have to consider the bruises to our beautiful Mermaid's collar bones with those additional metal rings ! The breathing set is a very rare version of the classic Royal Navy Siebe Gorman CDBA set, this one was called a SCBA version, although back then this stood for 'Swimmer Canoist Breathing Apparatus' - the difference being that it only has oxygen bottles on the back and in a vertical position for ease of stealthy swimming and climbing in and out of the water perhaps onto jetties or whilst using canoes, as frequently used by the famous SBS. Once again, we have so many pics that we thought you enthusiasts might like to see that we will bring you a Part 2 on Sunday, if you would like us to ?

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