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Dive Heavy  -  Dive Light ! Dive Heavy - Dive Light !Image Gallery

Posted 18th August 2009. 35 High Resolution Images.

Sorry for the delay today folks whilst are hosts had a little server problem. Naturally we're so glad to be back with you now and to bring you a little mixture of female heavy diving, combined with sexy free diving as our Mermaid FiFi and Commercial Diver Sammie team back up together whilst submerged deep under the water ! Totally rubber encapsulated Sammie, her head enclosed in her vintage KM10 Band Mask whilst her wonderful feminine curves are being squeezed tightly by her Avon rubber dry suit, is joined on the bottom by the highly seductive Mermad FiFi, wearing just a sexy little red one piece bathing suit and a vintage oval mask. You asked to see them underwater together - please enjoy !

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