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The Halcyon Days  of Aquawomen ! The Halcyon Days of Aquawomen !Video

Posted 18th August 2009.

Looking back at our recent Video updates hopefully suggests that our Scuba enthusiasts should be reasonably happy with things. Don't worry you 'heavy gear' guys, we have a few treats in store for you too ! Including pictures coming very soon to show you what a Real 'Attack Frogwoman' from just a few years back would look like ? ! ? Meantime, for our latest Video update today, we offer you something bright and cheerful from our retro wardrobe, worn by our stunning blonde bombshell - Mermaid Elise ! The Bathing Suit and Cap are classic 1950's Hollywood, straight out of an MGM production, the Goggles match those worn by Esther Williams in'Dangerous When Wet', only in black !
The Mermaid however, is pure 'Aquatic Heaven' and totally a one off !
126 MB - Real HD

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