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 Female Swimmers - Ultra Modern and Retro ! Female Swimmers - Ultra Modern and Retro !Image Gallery

Posted 15th August 2009. 36 High Resolution Images.

Hello again ! Told you I'de be back soon and so, just as my colleague promised only five days ago, here is the second of this weeks' Gallery updates to bring things back into line. My thanks to all of you, bar just one, for your patience and trust in understanding that sometimes schedules change for reasons beyond our control. I believe our track record shows the variety and quality of service we all try our hardest to provide and that there is no way that would ever knowingly let any of you down. On to tonight, we have ultra modern skin tight neoprene swimwear being worn by our slinky sultry 'competitive swimmer' Mermaid Fifi, along with a super retro outfit consisting of a cerise polkadot one piece and a white retro bathing cap from times past, modelled by our super sexy 'vintage swimgirl' Mermaid Sammie. Perhaps our modern swimmer, whilst training alone, is approached underwater by the spirit of a vintage swimmer from 50 years ago ? A Fantasy ? - But of course, in fact it can be whatever fantasy you would like it to be ?

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