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Dressing a 'Mermaid' Commercial Diver ! Dressing a 'Mermaid' Commercial Diver !Image Gallery

Posted 4th August 2009. 48 High Resolution Images.

Many of you have asked us for some pictures of the girls dressing before they dive, so we hope you enjoy seeing some of the above water action as our two beautiful Aquawomen FiFi and Sammie prepare for a dive in heavy commercial dive gear ! Being the more experienced in wearing this kind of equipment, our stunning 'Dive Queen' Mermaid Sammie dons her heavy black rubber Avon drysuit with a helping hand from the gorgeous tanned Mermaid Fifi, who then continues to help her put on her vintage KM10 Bandmask, weightbelt and heavy duty rubber diving gloves, before venting all of the excess air out of her rubber suit and slipping beneath the surface for an equipment check. Forty Eight, YES, FORTY EIGHT unique high quality pictures of this specialist subject for those of you who love it ! Brought to you by the most capably diverse 'Aqua Fetish' website on the net !

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