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Even Mermaids Need Air -  Sometime ! Even Mermaids Need Air - Sometime !Image Gallery

Posted 15th July 2009. 46 High Resolution Images.

Take one delectable young blonde Aquawoman, who is naturally just as 'at home' under the water as she is above. Wrap her up in black neoprene rubber, by way of a ladies, vintage, smoothskin, Beavertail wetsuit. Weigh her down with TWO heavy lead weight belts, just for good measure. And what have you got ? Tonight's update of course, featuring a massive collection of FORTY SIX unique, new underwater pictures of our our' drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Elise, looking very like a young 'Zale Parry', as she shows you all of her actions and facial expressions - whilst staying underwater as long as she can, on just one deep deep breath ! Puffy Cheeks, Bubbles, Luscious long blonde flowing hair, a Vintage wet suit and lots lots more. Breath holders please enjoy ?

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