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Snorkeling Nostalgia ! Snorkeling Nostalgia !Image Gallery

Posted 11th July 2009. 39 High Resolution Images.

Time traveling backwards once more as we take a look at how a serious female snorkeler would have looked during the late part of the 1960's, perhaps ? Although we suspect that not too many of them would have looked quite as good as our expert 'Aquawomen' - Mermaid Elle ! A vintage ladies 'beavertail' sharksin wetsuit jacket makes it's debut, fitting her athletic young curves perfectly. She also wears a 'new' old vintage snorkel mask that you would not have seen here before either, although this one relies on breathing only through the nose, which is not particularly easy to do. Completing the outfit is a large diving knife sexily strapped to her thigh and a pink Jantzen spiky, petaled swim cap, to add a dash of color and 'Shirley Eaton' for those of you who may remember ? Adorne all of this onto a stunning, long legged Mermaid who just loves being underwater....and there you have it !

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