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Scuba Vixen ! Scuba Vixen !Image Gallery

Posted 19th June 2009. 30 High Resolution Images.

An apt title don't you think ? Certainly, underwater, they don't come any 'Foxier' than our super seductive, sensuous, scuba queen - Mermaid Elise ! In actual fact, when checking on the word 'Foxy' in the English Dictionary, there was an even more apt adverb in the Theosaurus to describe her perfectly in this set - how about 'Bootylicious' ! This is one for all our scuba fantasists - an absolutely stunning expert female diver with long flowing blonde hair, a red short sleeved, vintage beavertail wetsuit jacket, a vintage Nemrod single hose reg, vintage oval mask...oh and just to spice things up a little.......a pair of black patent, thigh high, stiletto heeled Boots !
Of course, it can only be

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