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Posted 12th June 2009. 42 High Resolution Images.

Never swim alone ! Especially at night ! Common sense really, huh ? But, of course, being a Mermaid, Fi didn't really feel she had anything to worry about ? Little did she know !
55 years on from the original 'Movie Masterpiece' and whilst Universal sort out the post production after all of the problems on their remake, we proudly bring you Aquawomen's own little tribute to 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' - in Technicolor ! Sorry it's taken a while from us too but we wouldn't ever bring you anything we're not completely happy with. But with two amazing Aquawomen together on one shoot recently, namely Mermaids Fi and Elise, we just couldn't resist it ! Sadly, for costume reasons, no video yet, but nevertheless we hope you enjoy ! Your responses could well have an effect on how much further we might take this one ??

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