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Stuck On The Bottom !  (Pt. 1) Stuck On The Bottom ! (Pt. 1)Image Gallery

Posted 6th June 2009. 30 High Resolution Images.

Remember me telling you how inquisitive Mermaids are ? Especially, it seems, Mermaid Elise ! Convinced that she could see something shining inside of the pool drain, down she dove and .....yes, you guessed her hand caught so tight that she could not free it ! So there she is, stuck firmly on the bottom of the pool with only the air in her lungs that she took, before diving under ! With over a hundred images worthy of showing you it seemed unfair to only offer thirty or forty in one gallery so, we have split them into two parts for you, with the second part following on straight away, next update. A very appealing set to those of you who might like to see underwater breath holding, vintage one piece swimsuits, retro white rubber bathing caps, scuba, free flowing wild red hair, oval masks, regulator sharing and lots of bubbles ! Oh, and who could not mention our totally stunning Aquawomen - Mermaids Fi & Elise !

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