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Aqua Secretary's  Underwater Strip ! Aqua Secretary's Underwater Strip !Image Gallery

Posted 2nd June 2009. 38 High Resolution Images.

Here's another one revisited from a while back, upon request. We're sure that another of you especially wanted to see this one also, but we can't quite remember who ?? Never mind, I'm sure you'll know who you are :-)
The Scenario - Your Boss's drop-dead gorgeous secretary and that wonderful fantasy you have always had about her undressing slowly, just for you ! And, as it's your fantasy, you can control it entirely so, just for fun, you ask her to wear a pair of sexy, long, black leather, thigh high boots too ! But, wait a minute, you're an Aquaphile ......... so, of course, the ultimate is that she has to do the whole thing for you - Underwater !
The Aquawoman - None other than our mesmerizing, seductive Mermaid Elle, of course !
Please - Enjoy !

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