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Oriental Sea Goddess ! Oriental Sea Goddess !Image Gallery

Posted 13th May 2009. 34 High Resolution Images.

We delight in bringing to life many of the underwater fantasy images that you tell us about and would dearly love to see. Indeed, we're privileged to work with a fantastic shoal of Mermaids and have fun with all of the different outfits and types of equipment asked for too. Every now and then though, there comes a set that we ourselves take particular pride in and think is just a bit 'special' - and it is our pleasure to offer one such set to you all tonight. I won't write any more descriptive words, instead we'll try something different ? How about you write some for me, in the Members Comments ? What I will say is that this set features our truly stunning Oriental Siren Jia ! And, before thinking too much about any disappointment concerning water depth, please take a moment to consider that these shots were all taken, after minimal training, during the very first occasion she had ever modeled underwater ! There isn't a video I'm afraid, but we will certainly work on that with her for you, during her next shoot.

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