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Borensen's Dunking Babes ! Borensen's Dunking Babes !Image Gallery

Posted 12th May 2009. 20 High Resolution Images.

First of all, I must mention that this is a smaller set than usual because it is a Bonus set ! Your normal updates will be coming as usual this week and in addition to this one! We take the matter of image quality very seriously here at Aquawomen and always try hard to ensure you get the finest we can give you. Occasionally, a set of pictures does not meet our quality control standards and so these then get 'axed' and not placed on our website. This may be for a variety of different reasons. This is what we originally intended for all of the pictures on this set but, because we are aware this caused disappointment to several of our much valued members, we re-looked at them all and selected twenty that we felt it would be a shame just to 'bin'. We know that 'dunking' is a subject that many of you enjoy and so we thought you might like to have them instead, as a bonus from us ? So, please enjoy our captivating, red-hot Mermaids Vasilisa and Jenny, wearing black vintage one piece swimsuits and white bathing caps, as they dunk each other mercilessly in the pool !

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