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Sammie Breath Holding... in a Wet Suit ! Sammie Breath Holding... in a Wet Suit !Image Gallery

Posted 28th April 2009. 42 High Resolution Images.

It's been a while since we saw our beautiful Aqualiscious Mermaid Sammie in a new gallery of her own. Too long, I hear you say ...... and we agree. And what's know what ? We realised that she had never done a breath holding set for y'all ! So tonight, we're gonna try and put that to right and also in a slightly different way........... to try and satisfy the very patient requests of two of our longest standing members in particular. ( Thank you 'C' and 'E'). Of course, we hope that many others, who love to see our girls sitting on the bottom and struggling to hold their breath for as long as possible, might also enjoy seeing this fantastic Aquawoman, dressed in a super sexy surfer chick's skin tight 'Nineplus' smooth, black, one piece, neoprene wet suit, weighted to the bottom until her cheeks puff and the bubbles start to flow whilst her wonderful, amazingly long dark hair swirls in the water around her. Yep, it's another bonus size Gallery of another 42 superb unique underwater images from

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