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Fantasy Scuba Instructor - Underwater ! Fantasy Scuba Instructor - Underwater !Image Gallery

Posted 24th April 2009. 48 High Resolution Images.

It's so good to have one of Aquawomen's most proficient divers back with us and as I am sure many of you will agree, there could be no better choice than our Fantastic, Breathtaking, Sultry Blonde Mermaid Elise to accompany you during your on-going scuba training - underwater ! A typically amazing super bonus sized Gallery of forty eight sensational new and unique images for you to gaze at as you imagine you are underwater with this divine Aquawoman, whilst she shows you how to remove and replace your mask and regulator underwater ! A sexy new shortie wet suit, long blonde hair, flooded oval masks and so many bubbles - what a way to start the weekend !

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