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Petals, Puffy Cheeks and Lots of Bubbles ! Petals, Puffy Cheeks and Lots of Bubbles !Image Gallery

Posted 31st March 2009. 48 High Resolution Images.

Just as the title says, only with the addition of the words ' lots and lots' too, because that's what we have for you this evening in yet another Aquawomen Bumper Size Gallery of 48 Images ! Watch, as our sensational, Oh So Sexy, swim capped and latex clad Mermaid FiFi slips beneath the surface and sinks to the bottom of the Aquawomen pool just to let you watch her as she strains to hold her breath for as long as possible ! Definitely one for the breath holders and perhaps also those who like more decorative vintage swim caps too, add to that Mermaid FiFi fans - and that should just about please a whole lot of Members !

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