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Oriental Vintage Scuba Girl ! Oriental Vintage Scuba Girl !Image Gallery

Posted 11th March 2009. 36 High Resolution Images.

When we told Mermaid Jia that many Aquaphiles, including a lot of our members, loved to see a beautiful oriental girl underwater, wearing a black, vintage, smoothskin, Beaver Tail wet suit, she immediately said "Let's Do It" ! The only small problem we had to overcome was that she had never scuba dived before, let alone ever worn such a wet suit ! But we quickly learned never to underestimate this truly phenomenal Aquawoman, because her determination and ability to learn is really something else ! After a while, she asked to swim in just the wet suit and hood........ we didn't think you would mind ? The results are here, of course, only for Aquawomen members to enjoy !

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