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Petals and Bubbles ! Petals and Bubbles !Video

Posted 7th March 2009.

We're constantly working with the girls to improve their natural ability underwater in being able to breath through a scuba 2nd stage, without wearing a mask or nose clip - and we know that many of you love to see this ? So, to spice it up a little for you, we asked our 'Oh So Sensuous' Mermaid FiFi to put on a white Jantzen petal swimcap, from the sixties, that we know many of you enjoy seeing, along with a slinky, black Frog-Aquawoman latex body suit - and then sink to the bottom, using a diver's weight belt. It is not meant to be a breath hold contest, just a beautiful girl, underwater, taking breaths and then holding them for a while.....although FiFi knows how much you like to see puffy cheeks and bubbles and gives you plenty ! The result is here now for you to watch !
Because many of you have asked, we have encoded this in QuickTime for you to evaluate ? Personally we feel the quality of Real Player to still be superior, but your opinion is most important, so please let us know how you feel ?
130 MB - Real HD & Quicktime1080HD

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