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Introducing Mermaid Vasilisa ! Introducing Mermaid Vasilisa !Image Gallery

Posted 25th February 2009. 38 High Resolution Images.

Guess what ?
For tonight's update we bring you yet another amazing new Aquawoman to warm you up as we look forward to leaving winter behind us ! Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to our sensational new Mermaid Vasilisa ! Another gorgeous 'redhead' bringing those wonderful elements of fire and water together for you in an array of underwater erotica, combined with image quality, often attempted but seldom matched elsewhere on the web. For her first Gallery this statuesque, beautiful girl dives wearing an original Esther Williams' 1950's style one piece swimsuit and vintage scuba gear.....but how could we possibly cover up all of that wonderful free flowing long red hair ?

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