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Ama Diving Girl ! Ama Diving Girl !Image Gallery

Posted 18th February 2009. 34 High Resolution Images.

In Latin, the verb 'To Love' is Amo, and, in the imperative, it is Ama. Well, we certainly cannot believe that anyone would have to 'command' you to love our sensational, breathtaking, new Far Eastern Aquawoman - and we take special pride in introducing y'all to our absolutely stunning Mermaid Jia ! Tonight, in her first ever underwater Gallery, Jia brings to life that beautiful underwater female image that so many of you dream of and have asked for, namely the traditional Ama Diving Girl ! And in the last few pictures you can see what to expect if you dare to trespass in her fishing territory, at night ! We hope you enjoy this and if you would like to see more along the same theme, please let us know - we're sure that Jia would be thrilled to read what you think of her too ?
Bis repetita placent - Die dulci freure !

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