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'Spectre' Frogwoman ! 'Spectre' Frogwoman !Image Gallery

Posted 10th February 2009. 34 High Resolution Images.

We know that many of you love the James Bond movie 'Thunderball' and we intend to bring you more by way of one of our 'Tribute Galleries' for this movie, some time soon ? Meanwhile, we have taken the scuba gear from the Spectre frogmen and made it look far more sexy ( we think ) on one of our dangerously, beautiful Aquawomen, namely Mermaid FiFi once more, only this time looking decidedly more sinister in her black, vintage, smooth neoprene rubber, beavertail wet suit and hood, her Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk V1 twin hose regulator, black oval mask and fins and of course ........... her Speargun ! ( We started the set with a blue Voit, vintage, oval mask, that we had been asked for, but sadly it just would not seal against FiFi's gorgeous petite face. )

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