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Tribute to Tribute to " The Deep " !Image Gallery

Posted 31st January 2009. 42 High Resolution Images.

Tonight, in true Aquawomen style and quality, we would like to offer you our tribute to the gorgeous Jaqueline Bisset for the unforgettable underwater sequences she gave us all as 'Gail Berke' in the classic movie 'The Deep'. Not forgetting the talented director Peter Yates who was responsible for providing such powerful imagery and fulfilling every Scuba Aquaphile's dream by placing Jaqueline in what can only be described as the ultimate 'Wet T-Shirt'. Yes, we know there are some inaccuracies, the mask isn't wide enough, we couldn't find white gloves with black spots on, nor do we have a GSD Spinnaker regulator with the very small, yet unreliable second stage. (although ours is an old Nemrod Snark from the same era) However, we do feel that our own sensuous and scubaliscious Mermaid FiFi certainly brings a couple of outstanding points of her own to the party, in a massive 42 Image Gallery that we are delighted with and so hope that you are too ? Please use the 'Member's Comments' to let us know ?

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