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 That Rubber Swimsuit ! That Rubber Swimsuit !Image Gallery

Posted 28th January 2009. 36 High Resolution Images.

It's actually called the 'Fire C-Therm' ladies swimsuit and it's made by the innovative, legendary, Italian diving equipment manufacturer ' Cressi'. All of the Aquawomen love wearing it and it seems that a lot of you enjoy seeing them doing so also ? Certainly Mermaid Fi caused quite a stir when she wore one for her synchro training recently so , in response to lots of requests, we gave one to FiFi to try out at a recent shoot and we had difficulty getting it back off of her ! So, tonight, for your pleasure, sporting a wonderful 'all over tan' that almost got her into trouble on an Australian beach recently, the simply stunning Mermaid FiFi in THAT Rubber Swimsuit !

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