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'Sea Siren' in Vintage Scuba !  Pt. 1 'Sea Siren' in Vintage Scuba ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 9th January 2009. 40 High Resolution Images.

If you like vintage scuba, featuring female sharkskin 'beavertail' wet suit jackets, twin hose regulators, retro rubber bathing caps, oval masks - that flood and then come completely off ! And, of course, totally exquisite, drop dead gorgeous Aquawomen, then you might really quite enjoy our latest update for you today ! The wetsuit is by US Divers, some 30 years or so earlier than they produced the Mistral twin hose regulator, the bathing cap is even older and by 'Sea Siren', the stunning young Aquawoman is our scubaliscious Mermaid Fi, of course !
In Part Two, she removes her bathing cap whilst underwater and allows all of her wonderful natural, long red hair to flow free, as she continues her dive without both her mask and cap !

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