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Water Ballet !  -  Pt 1 Water Ballet ! - Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 6th January 2009. 32 High Resolution Images.

White Swan - Black Swan
Now this is what we call 'Water Ballet' and we're hoping it will appeal to those of you with a love of Ballerinas, combined with the added elegance and beauty of seeing them completely underwater ! We appreciate the preferences of all our members and would ask that you all please understand how we constantly try our best to shoot interesting themes that appeal to you all, and that you would not easily find elsewhere. So tonight, for all of those who do not like rubber or dive gear, please sit back and enjoy our two absolutely gorgeous 'Water Ballerinas' FiFi and Lizzy in a selection of beautiful individual poses for you. (Things get closer between them in Pt. 2) Sorry about the lack of ballet pointes, the girl's own were far too expensive to ruin on just one shoot, but if this set proves to be popular we will happily buy some for them to wear in future ?

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