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ScubaGirls 1958 - 2008 ! ScubaGirls 1958 - 2008 !Image Gallery

Posted 29th December 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

There is no storyline here, no hidden agenda just two Scubaliscious Aquawomen wearing totally different diving outfits that are some fifty years apart. Our scintillating new Mermaid Lizzy loves wearing latex and so she is adorned in one of our all black 'Aquafrogwoman' latex dive suits for her first 'latex underwater' experience, whilst our amazing Mermaid FiFi looks equally stunning wearing an original Esther Williams, all white, one piece swimsuit and US Royal bathing cap from the mid 1950's. Lizzy breathes through a new US Divers Mistral twin hose reg, whilst FiFi finds it still easy to suck on an early Nemrod single hose. Please forgive the lack of too much movement in this set....brave FiFi had just fractured one of her toes against a dive bottle and although in a lot of pain, bravely battled on through the shoot ! We think many will be thankful that she did !

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