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Snorkel Full Face Masks ! Snorkel Full Face Masks !Video

Posted 27th November 2008.

It seems that you all love our old Cressi Full face Snorkel Masks as much as we do, certainly all of the Mermaids enjoy wearing them and having fun. So, today, please enjoy seeing them 'in action' once more as we bring you our latest Video update, featuring the delicious Aquawomen Jessica and Elle ! Superb HD quality in large 16 x 9 format with lots of shot variations of the kind you tell us that you like to see. During the last minute or so we tried out a new hydrophone to try and bring you some of the 'comments' coming from the girls, we'll work more on this in the future but meantime we hope it adds a little to your enjoyment of this wonderful clip ?
98MB - Real HD

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