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'Rock Chick'  FiFi - Underwater ! 'Rock Chick' FiFi - Underwater !Image Gallery

Posted 15th November 2008. 33 High Resolution Images.


"I've always wanted to be a 'Rock Chick' underwater" she said, when she first joined us and so naturally we were only too pleased to make it happen for this amazing Aquawoman ! In fact, there were so many good pictures from this shoot with our effervescent and stunningly attractive Mermaid FiFi that we didn't know which ones to omit against which you might prefer to see ? (Even the lighting's pretty good too, I think ? :-) So, we have decided to keep the Gallery image numbers more to the norm and create two Galleries for you, starting with Part 1 tonight and Part 2, the slightly more raunchier, to be enjoyed and hopefully appreciated at a later date.
What's that ?.......Did we shoot a Video too ? Of course we did !

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