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Depth Solitude -  Part 1 ! Depth Solitude - Part 1 !Image Gallery

Posted 9th November 2008. 25 High Resolution Images.

Anyone remember the video from a few years ago where a Diver, who lived at the bottom of a swimming pool, had a fixation for a girl swimmer ? Well, today we bring you an Aquawomen version of this, featuring two of our wonderful Mermaids, Elle and Jessica. During this session, we took so many pictures that even after pre selecting and leaving lots out, we still had 50 or so that we thought you might enjoy seeing? So, just now, we bring you a Pt. 1, with a Pt. 2 to follow in the next 24 hours ! If you like real Frogwomen wearing heavy black rubber, scantily dressed female swimmers, oval masks, vintage bathing caps, buddy breathing, breath holding, or just good, general underwater erotica - this pair of galleries might well appeal ?

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