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Underwater (Bathing) Cap-Fight ! Underwater (Bathing) Cap-Fight !Image Gallery

Posted 24th October 2008. 43 High Resolution Images.

Tonight's update will appeal to those of you who love to see our gorgeous young Mermaids wearing vintage one piece swimsuits, along with retro rubber bathing caps and also to those who love to see a good Dunking fight ! As you will know from the past, all new Mermaids must go through the Aquawomen initiation process and so it was unfortunate for FiFi to be paired with our 'Queen of the Dunkers' - Mermaid Fi on this occasion! Feeling gracious, Fi permits FiFi to initially show us what she can do but, pretty soon the tables are turned and poor FiFi finds herself being relentlessly submerged and held under by the more experienced Aquawoman. Please check out the last picture in this set and use the comments box to let us know if you would like to see more pictures this 'supersize' ?

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