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She Ain't Heavy  -  She's in Rubber ! She Ain't Heavy - She's in Rubber !Image Gallery

Posted 14th October 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

With apologies to The Hollies, but there is certainly nothing heavy about the gorgeous physical frame of our Fantastic Frogwoman Sammie, as she dons her heavy rubber Avon Dry Suit once more to dive again in our Desco 'Jack Brown' full face mask, which many of you will remember always featured in the opening of each episode of the TV series 'Sea Hunt', back in the 1960's. This one is for all of you heavy diving fans who love to see a beautiful girl completely sealed up in thick black rubber and then fully submerged underwater. There, to gaze out of your screens, straight at you, from within her frogwoman world ! For crystal clear UNDERWATER imagery of heavy rubber diving girls, we believe...... it's only!

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