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Water Polo Girls Pt 1 Water Polo Girls Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 26th September 2008. 46 High Resolution Images.

Back to the Olympics Aquatics theme tonight guys and girls for some serious girl / girl competition ! We thought we would take two of our phenomenal Aquawomen and 'chukka' them into the pool together ( waddayamean that's the other Polo ) for a gentle game of Ladies Water Polo. In no time at all the competitive streaks of both Mermaid Fi and Fifi took over...... and the wonderful results are there for you all to see in 46, yes that's FORTY SIX amazing images, showing some intense underwater action ! Add to this that they are both wearing TYR 'Vanguard' ladies, black rubber, water polo suits and you can start to see why we think this one is a wee bit special ? Gosh this was a lot of fun.....and it's only Part 1 ! Would you believe it could get even better ?????

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