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Desco - Skin Diving ! Desco - Skin Diving !Video

Posted 19th September 2008.

For the many of you who love Full Face Masks, especially the older vintage styles, we recently pulled another little gem out from the Aquawomen Dive Locker, dusted it off, serviced it and then gave it to our Fabulous Frogwoman Sammie to try out under the water. Coming up soon, we will show her wearing it with full heavy duty diving rubber, but just now please enjoy some super wide screen HD Video of this beautiful, so sexy young Aquawoman as she tries out our 1950's Desco 'Jack Brown' FFM, wearing nothing else but a bikini bottom, yellow fins and a weight belt. Gaze into those wonderful blue/grey eyes, just the other side of that glass, as the bubbles flow and intertwine with all of her fantastic, flowing long dark hair.
119MB - Real HD

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