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Mermaid Fiona ! Mermaid Fiona !Image Gallery

Posted 27th August 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

We all have such great fun here at Aquawomen, bringing you the different styles and themes of underwater pictures and videos that seem to please you all. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to work with such a talented and beautiful team of Mermaids to help us do so. Now and then there is a particular set of pictures that we ourselves take special pride in, usually due to it's artistic nature, or perhaps the underwater lighting and 'feel' to the images that we were able to capture. Tonight's update is one such Gallery ! Although this style of shoot is never the most popular amongst members, there are those who do enjoy it and so tonight is for you ! Please be sure to vote if you like it, to keep this theme of shoot alive ! Enough words, so now please enjoy as we bring you Siren Fiona underwater, looking simply and quite naturally - stunning !

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