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The Freediver and the Frogwoman - Underwater ! The Freediver and the Frogwoman - Underwater !Video

Posted 29th June 2008.

It was nearing the end of a long day's Aquawomen underwater shoot. After many hours of continuously being in and under the water, Mermaid Jessica was feeling just a little cold and so decided to slip into her all rubber Nokia ladies dry suit for one last dive, whereas our latest Mermaid, Ruby, was still enjoying the wonderful new sensations of swimming in her Aquawomen latex cat suit and hood. So, we gave them a free hand and said just go underwater and have some fun and ................they certainly did !!! This superb quality High Def underwater video may well appeal to those who love rubber Frogwomen or those who love beautiful women freediving in latex ? And for those who love both ...........enjoy !
160 MB - Real HD

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