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Ruby, Ruby, Rubber Ruby ! Ruby, Ruby, Rubber Ruby !Image Gallery

Posted 27th June 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

With apologies to the Kaiser Chiefs but hey ! ......... Please welcome yet another new and utterly stunning Aquawoman to the team, namely Mermaid Ruby !
Ruby's initial request, when enquiring about joining the Aquawomen team, was for the opportunity to wear and model Latex under the water ! So, it only seems right that for her introduction Gallery we bring her to you wearing the material that she loves, namely her Aquawoman latex cat suit, along with a fantastic new rubber hood and a great pair of real old, black rubber swim goggles ! Certainly, one for the latex and rubber fans, but please don't worry all you others, you will be seeing 'much more' of this incredible, seductive new Mermaid in the weeks to come !

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